Friday, May 15, 2009

Wearing my "manshirt" again

Friday, May 15, 2009
Yes sadly I have to wear my "manshirt" again. A few days ago while mamabear was having a shower the shower-head broke and water - well we had a flood sufficiently large enough for a mini Noah ark to visit!
In NZ the houses are made of timber - studs and dwangs. Golly I shouldn't have said that - some might think . . . . . . . urm .... anyhow (Giggles - don't go there)
In case you don't know - the houses in New Zealand are mostly timber framed and then clad - on the inside usually with Gib board and on the outside a choice of brick, timber or polystyrene plates - and all made nice. In between is a layer of Pink Batts for insulation. Of course being timber framed it needs to be dry and kept dry or it will start to rot - especially if it cant "breath" - and seeing we had a flood - muggins here had to donn his best shirt and rip one Gib-plate of the wall to let the timber dry out. I forgot I had them glued to the stud to start with . . . . :p
Luckily the damage was not too great - but yeah - now I have a whole in my nice walk-in-wardrobe. Now it is back to the plastering and stopping and then eventually painting that - if and when I get time for it.
During all of this I will be wearing my manshirt again- so yeah it might get a wash in two weeks time - but it won't stay clean for very long! At least it wont stink as bad then. On second thoughts maybe I shall delay this little working bee till after we been to the West Coast. Yeah that sounds like a good plan!!!!!

I am so looking forward to our annual trip . . . . and the entertainment by scouts, giggles , clean shirt, meals in bed, - NOT to mention the gold digging
Can't wait

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