Sunday, May 3, 2009

The really big carrot

Sunday, May 3, 2009
Our Kea's and Cubs combined on a camp this weekend, and a part of the activities was to go on a a orientation course. Maps where provided and various groups set of in search of fame and fortune and well just simple pleasures. Although I have a sneaky suspicion that giggles did have an ulterior motive when she volunteered as a helper for the camp. She should know better; then to expect finding carrots in the ground near the Beach and the Waimakiriri Lagoon -although I understand that the locals can and do grow them there at times with various successes. Anyhow rumor has it her group, as well as a few others, was lost on the course - doing who knows what . . . . Never did find anything of value so im told . . .

She is keen on coming with us to the Westcoast camp - and I am looking forward to the breakfast in bed thing. Wonder if I can have black pudding / fried eggs / and mushroom/garlic fried bacon????? - Topped with a fresh Nuttella sandwich and a nice hot cuppa of MILO.

Problem is - a new venue for our next Trip was suggested, to a place where there is a really big carrot. And I mean a really really big Carrot
They also have a annual carnival - check this out:

www.carrott carnival

NO - Giggles - we cannot
No - don't EVEN think about it . . .

Urm - well maybe - no - noway

Sigh - what have I done . . . . . .


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