Friday, May 15, 2009

Noahs flood

Friday, May 15, 2009
Sigh - I walked with Michael to Venturers and that only took 20 min. By the time I got there - I got a call - panic panic - water everywhere and no electricity. YES - the 180 liter tank let go at the seam and spilled most of the water. I am told we had a lovely waterfall out from the Garage door. At least - by the time I got home - Mamabear had saved enough water from the tank to save the fish - which I can report now happily swimm in the washing basket. Now how to keep the breatstroke swimming cat out of there!!!!

We used up all the towles which needed a good wash anyhow, and we have lost several books.
Oddly enough the TV/video which where right underneath the tank - got not a drop on them - and - Trowel - all the PC's stored in the Garage stayed dry too - a minor miracle!!!

So - for the last three hours we mopped and shifted gear. Now - tomorrow urm - well - spose I have to buy a new tank . . . . . . . .
Then there is the timber in the floor that needs drying out, aww schucks - and I just finished my spring clean!!!! Im going to bed now . . . . .

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