Monday, May 4, 2009

Bob the Builder - a scout?

Monday, May 4, 2009
Ok - you know - I am as handy as the next bloke - both in looks and with my hands. So when our Scouting Zone called for help - I yelled - sure - I can fix it - where is my duct tape (yeah I know - I am shamelessy qouting from Bob the Builder)!!! Not to fear - I was told to don my apron and make myself useful "holding up" these two by fours. Which is excatly what I did. See I am handy - and even good loking too!!
During several Sunday mornings, working partieswere held this last few months and we have completed a high wire rope confidence course for our Scouts. It is a beauty - full of challenge and lots of courage needed. I guess I was useful in holding up the bits of pieces of timber. Never ever got my tools dirty either which is really amazing - and in case you do not believe me - here is the proof in the pudding.

This is the course - and I can tell you every bit of nail I drove in and every bit of timber I was holding , oh yeah and the two huge piles of bark we where shuffling at one stage.
Grand opening will be in early July this year.
This will be so cool - guess Bob the Builder was a scout after all at some stage.

I snapped this today in the office - had to make a special trip for it too - it is a cacti of some sort - has been donated to brighten up my office. Bummer is it only flowers once a year - and it lasts about ten days - then they drop - rather rapidly. But for ten days it is a beauty, and it has a very nice smell too. I just don't know its name - so if you do know a name for it - - please leave a suggestion via the comment form - i'd love to know.


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Anonymous said...

have fun with it ;)

hugs Radar

oldbear's trip said...

woha - a Brazilian cacti - soooo cool!!
Thanks Radar

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