Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Peter Gurney or Peter Alexander or Peter Kraus ?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Every day - same routine Mamabear, who can be seen here ready for work, checking to make sure that her father (Peter) who lives next door to us, is ok, then off to earn mega bucks so we can eat bread and water.
Yes we are a modern family with the woman of the house, being the full-time breadwinner, while I have stayed at home from the day my eldest son has been born. Hmmm that was 19 years so back - wow times fun when you having flies! (Kermit)
Lately I have been working part time and enjoyed the ability to put some nice jam on the bread and water that mamabear brings home.

I have recently re-discovered a very dangerous place - amazon!!! Yes highly dangerous!! I found two Peter's lurking in there, who have always appealed to me.
Both Peter Alexander and Peter Kraus have enjoyed great music careers from the early 50's onwards and their Music is just divine. So thanks to the internet and urm - my jam - I have purchased a few of their records - which has condemned me to keep on working for a few years yet. - So much for early retirement!
You could say we are now living with three Peter's!!
Anyhow one has already arrived and I made both boys sit and listen to it.
hehehe - they called it torture, and I just replied that every time they miss doing their chores round the house, it will be a compulsory educational listening of 30 minutes of either Peter Alexander or Peter Kraus. So far (early days yet) they have not missed any jobs.

Incidentally we do have a picture of jonny in his lederhosen when he was a 2 year old kid! Another souvenir or gift from his relatives in Austria!
Ain't he looking cute????

He's seriously contemplating a trip over once he's completed his studies. Wonder where he will go to??
He's got distant cousins in Ol' Blighty and of course in Austria. One thing is for sure he will not like the music from my time and possibly not even from current time.

Kinda ironic - when u look at these two totally enjoying Connie Francis!!

Who is Connie I hear you ask - shame on you

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