Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a beary good shot

Tuesday, March 10, 2009
OK - as you can see this was taken a very long time ago, and yes I cut a rather dashing figure - back then. Sadly - or thankfully it only lasted the compulsory 9 months of service, after which we were free - kind of. It did teach us some beary good life skills, being a good shot among them.

Still as I said, it was a long time ago.

Great thing is - we took a scout troop on a rifle range today and of course the boys decided to be - urm - competitive.
So we put up their scores on the notice board as they came in.
I shot second to last and I am afraid to say - the old skills never really forgotten, came back to the fore and yes - I did have the best score. Scouts honour.
I shot a credible 98 out of a 100. I am still a great beary good shot and mean with a rifle. However the scouts did well, some getting in to the high 80's and one or two broke 90. The funniest thing was that two mum's shot against their boys and won!! The guys where so gutted not having beaten their own parents!!

Anyhow this old soldier is going to bed now - have fun!

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