Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wild Hogs - the Easy Rider

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Well , while staying at my sisters we watched Wild Hogs the movie. We had to laugh so hard I nearly cried!! It was a fun movie. So now my bro-in-law would encourage me to get my own Harley and do the easy rider stuff.

Naturally I always do as I am told and started with the gear. As you can see I'm already decked out. Don't I look cool in this leather outfit???

Wonder if we can get a genuine wild hogs badge and sew that on my leathers!!!

Now for the little matter of a NZ $30 000.- Harley that makes plenty of vrooom vroooom! - I even know excatly which one we will get - Mamabears only criterion is - it has to be Cadbury colours - purple!! I think we can do that.

Even got Mamabear into leathers! Isn't she a hot bikie girl?? An improvement on Mrs. Claus??

Hmmm actually - all this leather . . . . . .


BRB - don't go anywhere


Yep - this is it --- ain't she a beauty?????


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