Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Swimming Cat doing breaststroke???

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Well it was one of those moments where one wishes one has a video camera.
Here is the cleaned up version of my new 180 liter tank with some plants and some dozen or so fishes in it. Next to it on the left is the old tank.
Seems our cat has shown a interest in fishing and so this morning I got a call at work from my son - asking how many fish there are supposed to be in the big tank.

Turns out the cat decided to break into the pool and do a few laps of breaststroke. According to my son she was one very soggy moggy!!
It would have made for one fantastic video - for Americas funniest home videos - the Swimming Cat. Anyhow by the time I got home the cat - had been rechristened to Jacques Cousteau and been banished into the Garage. And Jonno has cleaned up all the water she spilled. Great job son!!
Becky - you be pleased to know - no fish where harmend in the breaststroke excercise, and the plants have been re-rooted! But I still need a clean up crew - so I will need a Bristlenose plec and a few other scroungers!!

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