Saturday, February 21, 2009

Old Wedding Fotos

Saturday, February 21, 2009
Well - I was doing some late spring cleaning and came across some of our old wedding fotos, and naturally stopped and browsed.
I must say - I was a good looking slime dude and mamabear was a pretty slim cubcake too. Isn't she just gorgeous???

Life has treated us well and we both have added lots of fun and experience as well as the odd kilo (I know - we have been eating way too much chocolate - and still piling through our Mozartkugel'n from our last trip to Salzburg) to our life. Wonder if I can still fit my outfit?? Probably NOT! :)

There are of course many other old wedding fotos in our store, but I fished this one out to share.
Actually some I can't share with you - as they do show well - lets just say - ol gigles here would be red faced again. Can't have that now can we???

It has been raining for last two days and tomorrow is the national scouting mudslide day!! Yah - might even take some pics . . . . .

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