Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Coromandel trip 2016 - or - checking out paradise to chill out in

Wednesday, March 9, 2016
oldbearnews editor

Wednesday  9 March


 Early awake again and yup - the chap goes to work at 5.30am  A N D  – I saw a stunning sunrise sooo I for once was thankful and grabbed my camera gear and walked in my PJ's to the beach!
No one else there except for the local bird-life (of the feathered variety) so being there iin PJ's felt save!! Besides if the girls can do it in the mall - I figured so can I on the beach!! Anyhow, took lots of pictures (playing with settings - F-stops etc) – then when the 'mood' had gone, back home for brekkie and the usual clean up (us and dishes)!

Just sunbathing

This time we took the car and headed towards the Coromandel town itself!  Same road - steep and windy in places – 20km pinhead turns!  Again - car so weak, had to change into 1st gear on several occasions!


Eventually got to the town and strolled past the  local shops! Coromandel town had not changed since we last saw it some 5 years back – still quaint & backwards!
 The old top loader washing-machine on the shop-roof is now totally rusted! Still no luck with badges – but Mamabear found purple bucket for laundry and a purple sunhat so of course had to get that! For lunch we headed to Omarau beach for a home made picnic – lovely spot, cool breeze though.

Mamabear was managing to relax and also take a picture of me!!

After the relaxing lunch we headed to one of Mamabears 'must do' requested activity - the Driving Creek Railway! Mamabear having a ball – and still no badge!!

Eventually back home via Matarangi beach (more pics videos / toe-in-sea experiences) then home via short detour of the Buffalo Rd hill suburb – and we decided right there and then NOT to try and get a section there . . . 

We got home for quick unload and cleanup – then out to Dino's for dinner – LOVELY meal!!  They no longer do Tiramisu for afters - so back home and having our left over dessert from yesterday - Lemon Cheesecake!

Looks like we might get clear sky so will take camera to beach and we see . . . . . . . .

Oh and while lounging on the sun deck we met Heather from the house on the back of the 'Motel' section! She gave us some of her home grown pears and we had a nice long chat about life in Whitianga. Nice
Of course we strolled to the beach and did the usual 2km walk in the surf post dessert! 

PS - GARLIC bread at Dinos – was much the same as 5 years back

Just playing round with the camera - could almost be a desk-top image

The Life Elixir is dwindling - must get a new blood supply for her soon  :)

Even the boats get a rest

Just letting lunch settle . . . .

Apparently this is what I look like and Mamabears knows this is how she will see me for most of the time during our holiday . . . . .

Lilliput train

On the train journey - no picking of the flowers as you pass them!!!!

Matarangi beach - 1.5 km long and flat out to sea - about 25 - 75 meters before you have to swim - and soooo clear water!!   Best of all - we were the ONLY people on the beach . . . .
Hmmmm I could got for a dip in the noddy . . . . .

EVERY beach we went to - I saw this . . . . . .
I should get her to write a report on sand/water temps surf etc etc!
On a few occasions a larger wave came along which made for urm wet urm - undies.


Took the wide angle lens and pointed more or less south and yup - its a crap lens for night time photography - but hey - the lights WERE great!

Spot the Milky Way and the Southern Cross with its pointers!!

PS - the fridge in the unit is an old fridge that has an icebox inside the fridge itself - this is s'posed to keep everything cool  (or as in the icebox case - frozen) - and we think the thermostat is stuffed ^.^ - - because after two days EVERYTHING inside the fridge was frozen solid like ROCK hard solid  - Apples / Tomatoes / Radishes / Coke etc . . . .
and as you probably know - frozen apples once defrosted go all mushy and yucky . . . . .
Until then they have this "frosty" skin . . .

Have fun! bear print

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