Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wozu die Liebe den Hirtenknaben veranlasste

Sunday, November 16, 2014
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Stories by Karl Heinrich Waggerl

Loosely translated by Reinhold Muller

What love made the small shepherd-boy do:

In that certain night, when to the Shepherds appeared that night the beautiful star in the sky and they all made ​​their way as had been shown by the small angel, there was also a small boy, and he was so small and yet so poor that the others did not want to take him along, because he had nothing anyway he could give to the child of God.  This the tiny tot could not accept. He ventured secretly and all alone on the wide path and came right on into Bethlehem. But once there he found that the others had already gone home again, and everything slept in the barn. Saint Joseph slept, his wife Mary slept, also the angels under the roof slept well, and the ox and the donkey and even the mouse under the floor board was asleep, only the baby Jesus was not asleep. It lay very still on his bed of straw, a bit sad perhaps in his abandonment, but without shouting and fidgeting, because he was a very good child, as you can imagine. Now the Christ child looked at the boy, as he stood before the manger and nothing in his hands, not a piece of cheese and no flakes of wool, absolutely nothing. And the small boy in turn looked to the Christ child, as it had to lie there and had nothing against the boredom, no rattle and no ball of yarn, no nothing. Then the small boy felt deeply sorry for the Christ child. He took the tiny fists in his hand and turned his thumb out and put it into the Christ Child's mouth. And from now on, baby Jesus never had to be sad again, for the poor, little guy had given him the
most precious thing that you could give a baby: his own thumb.


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