Saturday, August 10, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast owner take time out to sniff the roses at Lake Tekapo

Saturday, August 10, 2013
oldbearnews editor
Awoke to sunshine - yes - so the cold air and role-poly bed was worth it. After usual morning routine and breakfast in the room (which was a challenge in-itself with only a jug and no sink and dishes / toaster) we headed out for a days worth of exploring! First stop back to the Church of the Good Shepherd, where more pictures were taken. Trying to do something differently - and after getting advise from the local Info site - we walked on the right hand side of the lake bed - a first for us. Strolled along what eventually we learned was the site of the first homestead on the lake.  Took more pictures - Naturally.
Back to car and Mamabear drove up to the Observatory - and did not stall and also hillstarted! Way to go Mamanbear - well done!!
Lunch up at the top while admiring the scenery and views - along with more pictures to the 'Sound of Music' - well some German lingo being spoken!! Even spotted Mount Cook peeking through!
Made it back to the hotel room and while the tiered old female bear took a well earned snooze - I tried to get the local Wifi working. Took a while - but got there.
Ended up listening to the radio via live stream - but could not get the NICS tv series streaming!! Time for dinner - headed into the McKenzie Bar and Grill where a decent
meal was consumed - along with a sunset, and the obligatory healthy drink!  This red sky proved to be an omen - weather forecast was for rain the following day, and we - ah that will keep

The lake from the right side near the spot where the first homestead and original river crossing was.
 Looking down from the observatory towards the glaciers
 The famous view from the inside of the church of the good shepherd. It must be daunting preaching there . . .
The lake front along with reflections.
There are also some pine trees nearby that grow pine-cones that can be up to 20cm in length or longer even. Loved the reflections

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anticuus ursus said...

Tut tut - must be getting old - forgot to add we did have 2 hours 'cooking' in the pools at Tekapo --->

Very enjoyable even if it did get a bit warm.

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