Saturday, June 12, 2010

Annual Westcoast Camp - Denniston Incline part five

Saturday, June 12, 2010
scouts pioneering challengeoldbearnews editorWe had some time to kill - so decided to throw in a pioneering challenge. Using proper scout lashings and knots the youth had to build 3 pioneering projects using nothing more then ordinary thin garden twine and bamboo chopsticks. It is actually a lot harder then you would think - especially when you factor in my butterfingers . . . . ^^ auhuuuuuu - one tripod done - now what??

bridge buildingThis was meant to be a bridge and it was a complicated project - early stages here!!

cape foulwindWe walked round cape Foulwind, and enjoyed the local scenery as well as wild life. There is a reason why it is called foul wind - one could see the waves been driven in 3 different directions!!

Weka nz birdAfter about 20 min of walking the boys needed a rest and so we just sat and chatted when this local decided to ask some hard questions. I think he had his eye on the blond strings and nesting . . . .

hand feeding a wekaThis friendly and inquisitive local decided to help himself to the free offered food!! Not quite a soup kitchen - more like a sushi bar (rice cracker) still it must have been good as he came back for some more and more . . . .

teddy bear cakeyes well - what can I say - ok so I owned up to having a birthday - 21 years old with 28 years of experience - while being on camp!! So the scheming lot decided to bake a cake - well - I could smell it before it even hit the oven ^^ (my trusty nose still got it - trade secret how I do this). Pretty good for a first time decor by some of the boys, naturally it had to be a bear ^^
(well next year they are out of luck my b-day falls on Tuesday - the day after)

monkeying roundHmmmm pass the parcel - say NO MORE,
except this poor chap had to pretend that he was a monkey - and well you know what they do ^^
I am told it was a pretty good impersonation!!

teddy bear cake being cutEventually you can stall only so long - and the cake had to be cut, I know - this feels sooooooooo wrong - but hey - it tasted good.

This was pretty much the end of the camp - next day we had a scouts own and some short games - and after checking with the locals and AA we decided to cut our losses and head back the same way we came, via Lewis Pass. Seems there was too much snow further down south on the Alpine passes. So a clean up and quick lunch and packed and headed back home. Till next year
knife making ^^

bear print

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