Sunday, September 27, 2009

Identikit gone wrong

Sunday, September 27, 2009
oldbear typingYikes,
Well this will take a bit of explaining.
I am hiding a certain Mr Spoon - who by all accounts is on the run from his wife - and u gonna love this her name is Mrs Fork - yikes a marriage in heaven - or was it. Hmmmm what are the odds of two people with names like that ending up marrying????
Anyhow, Spoon has been granted refuge in our little hovel and is member of a certain secret S. Club . . .

Mrs Fork meanwhile is on the prowl and has made inroads into his whereabouts. A identity picture has been drawn up and circulated - but I am sure you will agree - this cannot be the real thing. it could not possible be!! I have to say - for once I am glad the net got its wires scrambled.

Broom / Brush / Sir G.H./ Mr Schick/stitch and lil O'l Smilie - we need to have a executive meeting soon.


bear print

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Anonymous said...

This is quite a serious shout then ... I see the Iranian's are up to their old tricks! Fork

Anonymous said...

Yikes - there is no hiding in cyberspace
We are so done!!

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