Sunday, August 16, 2009

How to be a geek and not a nerd

Sunday, August 16, 2009
Take 18 scouts
mix well with ventures
add as many computers as you can lay your hands on
Take them all on a camp
<---- east wing!!
And you will end up with our annual pre joti "geek camp" and no - you don't have to be a nerd - anyone can attend. wohooooo Of course scouts will want to chat to folks from all over the world - so sleep is a premium - and some did not sleep at all - only to literally crash at home. rightho, so this is spaghetti junction - just from the Leaders equipment - who naturally bring their own gear. Cables galore . . .
In fact we had so many pc's up and running that our power supply became somewhat unstable and fried some powerunits inside the pc's - which can be replaced I hasten to add.

Anyhow the scouts had fun learning a different operating system to Windows and used Linux and for chatting they used Xchat - a solid program. We taught then some basic cmd's and we see how many will remember them in October.

Oddly enough - we have been visited by "mr. Spoon" although I have never seen him in person - so I suspect he made an appearance online. I should go and check the logs . . .

You would have to be nuts to be part of this outfit - and yes giggles has managed to upgrade herself into something more solid . . . . . . .Jaymo_black was great - teaching the kids how to be polite online!

Anyhow - I am so tired - better go to bed now -

PS. One of the NZ scouts living in the north island wants to join our outfit - because we are quote " so much fun" Somehow I don't think we would get away with him being part of our "remote" scouts in our group - but then again . . . . . .

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