Sunday, February 22, 2009


Sunday, February 22, 2009
muddy teddy bearToday is the second year of the scouting annual mudslide day.
It usually is a lot of fun - kids get to be kids and get very dirty.
Even the adults get to get low down and roll round in the brown stuff.
Scouting borrowed the advertising slogan from a certain washing powder product - Dirt is good. There is even a badge for it . . . . . .


My own son tried so hard last year to stay clean - the result can be seen in the picture.

More photos from last years mudslide can be found here:

MudslideDay 2008

Myself - I will give it a miss this year and go back out to Rimu Scout Park and help building the confidence course. Nearly finished. I should go and take a picture!!!

BTW - had a fab meal out last night with Mamabear!!! ^^

PS. hehehe the link will take you to the actual photo of micky trying to stay clean and as you will see one of my leaders and one of our venturers had other ideas!!!!!! Ho so lost out there!

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Jaymo_Black said...

was a great day i really showed those keas cubs and scout how 2 actually mudslide, and i surprised the kea leader from russley with a big bear hug haha

and roger and noel and James with the "old" ice down the back of the shirt trick

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