Saturday, June 4, 2016

Short weekend away in Picton - day 2

Saturday, June 4, 2016
oldbearnews editor

Having listened to the rain pounding away on the roof and wondered if we have to swim out - we awoke to near silence - and opened the door to a brilliant blue sky - free of any cloud! Stunning with a capital S!! 

So post breakfast we strolled down to the Marina and enjoyed the sun and wildlife (various birds circling for food) and took some pictures (testing the new lens attachments) of the marina and fore-shore! Some shops open late - no worry - we did spot a hmm left over or pre-christmas tree?!?!?!?  Maybe it is a permanent feature???  Anyhow - a novel way on an old theme!!!  

Picked up the car and drove to the lookout and participated in a favorite past time of many a tourist - watching the boat come in and berth - then giving birth - urm disgorge its belly (of cars and trucks).  More pics!!

From there we drove along the windy road towards Havelock  - a small town who's main income is from fishing and mussels (grown farm-like on the sea-bed)!! There is advertised a lookout point - which requires a decent walk up the hill and yes back down.  The view's were so-so.  Guess the tide being out and exposing the brown mudbed (especially following the rain) did not help "sell" the view! Although the crystal clear blue sky (free of ANY pollutants) was something to see!! More pics!!!   By that time it was lunch time - so yeah had a late lunch at the local Cafe in Havelock!

Given it was so nice a weather and we like driving on roads yet to be explored we decided to go back to Picton via the long way round (Blenheim) thus stopped at the Giesen Vineyard (and bought some VERY nice plonk - urm - crushed grape juice *cough* white wine).  Distance is not to great to travel and the roads nice and flat, most of the way with little traffic!

Arrived back at the Motel around 3pm and decided to just relax and catch up on reading / cross stitch etc.  Having eaten out previously and no cooking facilities in the motel unit - not even a pan - we had a traditional cheap NZ meal out - Fish and Chips!!!

Still feels weird NOT being on the westcoast and on scoutcamp.  Been taking notes of times etc and what we might usually do at this time of the day/ night!  Maybe next year?!?!?!  

While I waited for the Rugby to appear on TV, had a glass or two of the nice red and then spotted the lights - so without a tripod have risen to the challenge . . . . .
Did turn out ok - you think? Pity the clouds had rolled back in and blotted out all the stars . . . . 

Have fun!

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