Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Coromandel trip 2016 - or - checking out paradise to chill out in

Wednesday, March 16, 2016
oldbearnews editor

Wednesday 16 March

A lot of lasts today! Last one up and last one of the property (workers and guests have all left already). We decided to visit the local winery so had leisurely drive towards that – but first stop the drive across the peninsula (and the ferry crossing on the other side of the Whitianga harbour!!) Felt funny driving there having walked there the other day and yes - it takes AGES (about 45 minutes)  to get there by car! There is no bridge across the Harbour so you have to drive around it - and it goes inland for miles

Then back up and out towards Hahei for lunch and then some wine tasting!

Interesting chap there - local native and we had lots of laughs! Eventually bought two bottles then drove slowly back towards “home”.  We made THAT mistake again - should have visited the winery on the first day - then we could have enjoyed one of their elixirs on a daily basis!  Sighs - must be a slow learner!!!!
Our last chill out time on the porch in the sun and then back for one last 'dip and dine' experience – again very nice!  Had to go back and drop back a compression stocking we picked up by mistake (thinking we took one of mine accidentally there).  Dinner was very nice (roast Pork) .  Now back at motel and catch up and eventually sleep – packing tomorrow and making our way back to Chch – todays temps  Whitianga 27degrees – Christchurch 12 degrees!  Someone remind me why we are heading in that direction?!?!?!?!?!!?
Last night here – and we had a decent sunset and also a decent rainbow and now it just pours with rain - for the first time!! 
wohooo - we have been so lucky with the weather!!

aha - trick question - do you KNOW where this beach is ??  A chocolate fish as prize to the first correct comment
 We treated ourselves to a lunch meal out and I found these Banana/bacon/maple syrup/ creamed -pancakes and I was def going to enjoy this one - so when Mamabear asks " can you please look like you are enjoying this . . . . . . . " only to happy to oblige
yumm, yumm
 Another beach, another toe-dip thing for Mamabear, another rest in the shade . . . . .

 A typical New Zealand Summer holiday image . . . . . .
comes under the "wish you are here with me" category  :)

There are these clouds - harbingers of rain me thinks . . . . .

I was to late - by the time I grabbed my gear and headed to the beach - the rainbow had moved behind the hill - it was right down to the water (spotted from car as we came home)

Our last evening on holiday

As the sun set - the pink got higher and higher . . .

Have fun! bear print

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