Friday, March 11, 2016

Coromandel trip 2016 - or - checking out paradise to chill out in

Friday, March 11, 2016
oldbearnews editor

Friday 11 March

Usual up and food/clean, then hit the road (not literally) at 9.30-ish for petrol first and some supplies (NW) – then headed towards Pauanui.  Got there ok – and found a typical Coro-town – consisting mostly of holiday homes with some being several Millions worth.  It has a tiny shopping center – and virtually no life – same as Matarangi.
Although there are a lot of houses that have boats parked in the front of their - urm - drive (canal) and these boats can be MORE worth the the house they sit in front of!!
In fact – the housing crisis in New Zealand can be solved instantly – just get those looking for a home to live there instead!! There is a lot of $$$ sitting empty for 90% of their time – tied up in property . . . . .
Definitely not our town to retire!!!!

Hey - I cant get into the water here - not Fair!!
Walked the Flat rock path/walk (10Min) then lunch! First beach with found that had rocks - no sand!! From there more or less to the other side of the harbour – a 30 min round trip!! Long harbors and no bridges - so you have to drive around! on the other side is the settlement of Tairua! This is more alive – still no badges!! Eventually we figured this out. Tairua and Whitinaga are working towns (fishing / tourism / farming) while Matarangi / Pauanui etc are purely holiday destinations for rich Aucklanders.  

Made it back home and short relax then of to the Lost Springs – for a "dip and dine" package – just divine!  The waters come from 600 meters below and are around 35-41 degrees Celsius and, so the story goes, hasn't seen daylight for    16 000 years - so are clear of any bacteria! They are also rich in minerals - so is good for your skin!
Might go back there again! Our waitress was young and very good at her job – and had a very lovely smile!! They also had some lovely meals and an almost perfect garlic bread! 
Now back at motel and relaxing with more wino fino – had rain most of morning – sun again in afternoon,  – now windy and threating with thunder!! This could be exciting for Mamabear!

NB – At Pauanui we had urm afternoon tea- no wait supplementary Lunch (Cup of tea and a chocolate slice) and this very cheeky ant decided to help herself and ate my slice on the table.   Well, it 'lifted' a crumb from right under my slice that was just resting on the table on top of  a paper bag.
It must have helped itself to a snack before deciding to take the rest back to its nest - and - we think it suffered from a  sugar high, as it was going round in small circles carrying a bit of my slice and going round and round and round.  It never made it of the table . . . . .  funny to watch

When people get bored some get creative . . . .
Local Inhabitant - he delightfully posed for a good 10 minutes
There is rain in them hills . . . .

Instead of paddling - Mamabear decided to just soak up the atmosphere and let her feet dangle . . . .

On the way back we stopped briefly at the twin kauri - trees.  Impressive sight
Window seat - garlic bread - lovely Riesling and mamabear as companion - perfic
not 100% sure what the brown stuff was (soya sauce??) but it tasted great!
Pavloava for afters - and note the plate arrangement (the pav being broken into bits!! perfect for hiding a disaster - note Reinhold if you ever make one again) .
Close up

I found some images on the web- a hot bath is not a place you take your $2000 camera . . . .

The old School house from the air
One of the pool side areas
The volcano wasn't flowing when we were there . . . . .
Our window seat from the outside
The grotto you can swim out from
Our dining table view - outside

Our window seat for the meal!!!

Have fun! bear print

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