Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sharkhunting bear goes wine hunting

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Usual routine first thing in the morning - even if the Fonz dragged his feet! 

Then we are off – first stop – to get some diesel - for that we turned back into town - then off to the local info centre to see which wine cellars they would or could recommend.  Not much luck there - but did see this lovely woodwork art - all in-laid!  Its size - 2.5 meters up and some 4m or so across - massive!  Info centre was 5km outside Cessnack and while there I saw you could fly with a jet ^.0   wohoooo

Uhhhhhh yeah;  until I saw the price/time thing. They asked - $1500 for a 15 min flight and it goes up from there – OUTCHTIME!

We sat in the van and debated which vineyard we would visit - not knowing any of them at all.  In the end we decided to go to the first wine cellar on the left coming up after we leave the info centre! 

I N S P I R E D  choice - that's all that needs to be said!!

Lady there being very chatty and knowledgeable – swapped stories about Europe / Christchurch  / and wines from here to there - especially as I used to be able to enjoy a Chianti / Lambrusco / Beaujolais not to mention a number of Austrian wines such as Traminer etc while still living in Europe.
This particular vineyard is what you would call a boutique Winery - only making about 20 000 litres and only selling via the door.  They do run a membership club which helps with the harvest and so on and they do - surprise surprise - get some special benefits - such as a special harvest and bottles ONLY they can buy/consume.  Given that I was so  *cough*  knowledgeable - I was able to sample one of these special bottles!  urm - lets just say membership does have its benefits!! Shame we can't enroll from here in NZ. 
Eventually  bought three bottles to be consumed in 2 days – that should not be a problem (so we thought).  Had to stop and take a pic as some Roo's casually grazed amongst the wines. 
Since the Navigator got to taste all of hers AND mine (me being the 'sober' driver) and her head was doing circles  - so not being very RELIABLE as navigator we filled her up on cheese and bread and . . . .

 Just as well we needed to make it to Sydney camp-ground near the airport and it was mostly a 2 lanes highway  - so you point the car south and let it run for 150 km or so.  However we were not looking forward hustling through Sydney roads. 
Again - roads more like a European Autobahn – speed limit at 110km/hr -not half bad.  Road in places in bad nick with 3cm wide cracks in concrete running 4-6 meters zigzagging along!!! 
Lunch at a area so similar to the European rast-plaetze on the autobahns - complete with the truckies area for parking.  We ended up buying something from a 'alternative' kind of healthy eating place that seriously tried to sell us a packet of steamed beans (along with the health description WHY they are so good for us).  Hmmmmmm 
The drive into Sydney – co-driver still under the influence from wine testing – so we winged it – followed signs to airport (not on google map drive – but hey) and eventually found our camping ground after doing laps around the block cause the navigator missed the turn.  Camp-site bit of a run down place – new manager friendly enough and trying to improve the site though. 

Parked our mobile home – then walked 3k to super market for tonight’s home cooked meal – only 3rd cooked meal in our van!!!! Must be a record!

Now relaxing with a glass of the Muscato wine we bought - very rich and sweet and at 18% very lethal. Not sure how the cooked meal will turn out – but the wine is SUPERB!!!! HICKS 

Might have to have the whole bottle to myself as the navigator is still suffering from this mornings tastings - - shame ae?!?!?!?! Besides surprisingly the Muscato turned out to be a red . . .

Within the nebulous thoughts we had, it dawned on us that we made a crucial mistake – should have flown into Sydney first and stopped at Hunters en route to Brisbane – then we could have picked up 10 bottles (one per day) and enjoyed them daily 'till we got to Brisbane!! Hmmmmm food for thought!!!!!

Anyhow - another hot night - so cooled down outside finishing the wine and settled in for the night - looking forward to a full day in Sydney tomorrow

The vineyard we sampled. Lovely place and such friendly people

The Fonz assured me that he was over the age (I think 30 was mentioned) so he was allowed a glass too! He tells me he very much enjoyed that one and has to talk with his 'owner' when he gets back from his travels (remember he kinda got kidnapped/volunteered for this journey)  to see if he could have the occasional glass more often . . . . .
Actually he may have been 'volunteered' to keep an eye on us ? ?    hmmmmmm 

 One day to go then we have to go back home again!!  Sighs

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