Saturday, March 7, 2015

Shark hunting bear negotiates a cheap flight

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Me before holiday mode

Yesterday - you would have seen me logging of the PC. It was with a satisfying grin - knowing that I won't reboot until some 14 days or so later.   Having cleaned the office - a part of me wonders in what state I will find it on returning.  Ah well - can't be helped.  There are bigger fish to fry - if you pardon the pun!

Having decided that we wanted to spend some time in or better on our 'Western Island" we decided a boat (well any floating device)  was taking to long to get there and the only reasonable way to get there is - via plane.  So of course that meant negotiating a prize and finding a suitable pilot - let alone some wings!!
Here I can bee seen negotiating with a dude who fancied himself more of a Indiana Jones Type character - you know - the "can you fly - why yes - but landing is another matter" kind of guy!

That in itself was not too bad - but mamabear decided this was essentially a two seater only bi-plane (with Bi standing for wings!!) and while having her in my lap might be considered  *cough* romantic - the romance tends to wear off after the first half hour and then the next three become, urm - a pain in the urm - rear.  ^^

Thus we looked further afield and found these two - a bit more promising!
While they had the right credentials and also a more solid looking plane (from the looks of it a beat up old DC9 -  or was that a 7?) the promised in flight service was - urm - not in existence!  It would also have required a dicey mid-air refuelling. 

Still no dice . . . . .

Well we shall have to sleep on it -
Seeing we are on no particular schedule, we did enjoy the sun set!!

Have fun

 bear print

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