Monday, March 9, 2015

Shark-hunting bear becomes confused in the big city

Monday, March 9, 2015

 Waking up at 6 am to sunrise and various bird screeches. One bird in particular having a very peculiar screech that sounded like “auh”  which sounded like the german word for 'outch'.  Time for nice hot shower!  Breakfast – van tidy (Fonzie doing a good job there!!) – then went and caught  a bus into town – all before 9am!!  It helped when we knew where to go and cue!  We decided to get off at queen street and visited a couple of shops (badges!!). From there we strolled past the Info centre and on to the botanical gardens. Again impressive reflections in the glass towers!!  Botanical Gardens full of plants and trees – but lacked colour / flowers.  Saw an impressive fig tree!! Gardens was large enough and nice wide walkways.  City runs a hire a bike scheme so lots of folks cycle everywhere.  Walked full length around outside path with a few photo stops.  Also Mamabear needs her daily fix of connectivity.  Eventually made it back into town CBD– again lots of reflections on glass towers  so took some photos! We decided to have a  semi early lunch in the "Myer Centre" - a mall spanning 5 levels!!!! Mall feeling very cool and air-conditioned.  The heat / mugginess hits you as soon as you walk out the door.  Sighs-  back out into heat, visited  more shops, then walked across the river in full sun (Outch - that was hot!! ) to the waterfront!  This is a strip developed around river frontage and main building on sight – performing arts centre etc. with lots of green spaces and attractions to peruse and hang around including a small ferris wheel. Not to badly priced. So we took a ride in ferris wheel and saw Brisbane form a different angel.  Saw the secret underground NZ spy base . . . . .        from there we  walked  to “the beach”!  They have re-created a beach scene complete with imported white sand so that the locals can “swimm” on the "beach" shark free.  Really more like a sandy super large paddling pool.  So naturally the question goes begging - how is this bear meant to catch a decent white pointer???  Local beach is a long away away out of town.  We both paddled for a bit, as do many of the locals.  Very nice - with the water a nice pleasant warm temperature.  I have to add - we saw far to many beach babes/boys  in less then skimpy outfits, in the short time we are here then compared to back home! 
Must be the warm dry weather!!!  From there we were strolling back to bus stop via Info centre and other shops / ice cream.  Booked tickets to the Koala sanctuary so that ”Fonzie” the newly christened stow-away bear could catchup with his 'cousins twice removed'.  Eventually with heat still beating down we took the bus home, stopping at a  bottle store to get vital supplies for later and from there is was waiting for dinner time (shop owner knew we were tourists but thought we were ozzies from accent!! outch!).  Having been all day on our feet we decided to treat our selves for a local meal out – found a nice pub-bar (Newmarket Hotel) and Pam had Skippy for dinner (Kangaroo meat) while my chicken in pyjama was a manufactured breast.  Roo meat turned out to be quit nice.  Also had Garlic bread – very nice and have to fill out the blog for that later.  Not sure if Mamabear will get in trouble for eating Skippy?!?!  Back to the mobile house and sat down  for an evening of white/red wine and relaxing.   It gets dark by 6pm.  Lights are on by 6.30pm. Once the sun sets the heat of the day dissipates and it is  bearably nice.  We sat outside the van in darkness (torch light)  and had a glass or two and just chilled out and decided how to tackle the next day.  Then fell tiredly into bed – slept better the second night round after re-adjusting how we make the bed.

 Mamabear enjoying the window cleaners and wonders if office workers are being told when these folks come down and clean  in order to avoid hmmm embarrassing revelations?!  I liked the reflections - clear as a bell
 You would think that one dish was enough to get the BBC on radio????  No wait - is that NASA listening on my mundane conversations on HOW to make tea perfect????  Take Note - you stir 4 x ANTI clock wise first, then .. . .
 A selfie - reflections in the glass of us in the Ferris wheel!

 I guess a picture tells a thousand words??  No further comment is required here!!
I have to say - the folks over here (remember - our "Western" Island?!) are full of helpful signs - this is just one example of it

 bear print

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