Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Baby Jesus's first miracle performed

Tuesday, December 2, 2014
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When a new king is born it is usually a time to celebrate.
Time to be happy.
Many go out of their way to celebrate and pay homage to the new born King. The story holds that 3 (at least - or more) wise men came to Bethlehem and paid their respects, thus creating what would be arguably the first baby shower party ever being held. Gold is of course a valuable commodity and sure would come in handy at times, but what baby Jesus made of Frankincense and Myrrh is anyone’s guess. It is not like you can bath with it or even eat, although it would disguise the aroma from the Stable. His heavenly powers were yet to be tested and the transformation of substances (the Frankincense and Myrrh) into something more practical and useful would have to come much later.
Such was the fame of the new born baby that the incumbent King became rather worried that he would be called upon to relinquish his grip of power and he decreed in his wisdom to kill all 2 year old boys (or younger) from the town of Bethlehem, thus solving his problem. He of course should have known better.

In a dream, and this is most naturally of course for how else is a Angel of minor importance to tell the parents of Jesus that they need to go and pack rather in a hurry and  preferably right now and leave their cosy little stable in the town of Bethlehem and also leave all their family members and home comforts they have enjoyed so far. This hurried departure of course raised a logistical question of what to take and what to leave behind as one person could only carry so much. Joseph did look at the ox in the stable and considered the use of the neighbours wagon so that the ox could pull Mary and the child along with the nappies and other assorted eating utensils one would need to feed both themselves and the baby along with the gifts from the wise men. Alas given that the beast was in what many would consider his retirement and urgency was the order of the day, he quickly dropped this idea and settled on the little donkey standing in the corner.
The donkey of course was only by accident in the stable. When the angels came down from heaven and cleaned out the stable and made it ready for the birth of Jesus, various animals such as the goat and a couple of roosters got removed from the stable so as to create a quiet and peaceful haven for the new born king.  There was to be nothing that could disturb the new born baby’s sleep. The donkey was allowed to stay simply because no one in the long history of their memories could ever remember hearing the donkey saying anything. Not a word, ever. It was not that the little donkey had nothing to say for it self. Far from it. It wanted to tell everyone that he was rather unhappy in his life. How else could he tell his keeper that the straw for eating was 10 days old and that a rather pesky flea just seemed to keep coming back and irritatingly made quarters right behind his ears where he could not scratch himself. His biggest gripe however seemed to be that no one would ever pay him any attention - least of all the other donkeys from the neighbour hood.  The donkey had a long time ago decided that to be mute was certainly not much fun, but nothing much he could do about that.  Joseph in his wisdom thought that this of course would be of immense benefit to him and aid in his quest to leave the town of Bethlehem on the quiet, after all with soldiers looking around for a new born baby the quieter they could leave, the better.  What better then a donkey who has never bayed. So he thought.
Thus Joseph had loaded up the donkey with his few earthly possessions he had acquired in his short life. It was a rather large load, what with the gold and Myrrh and other assorted gifts he had received from the wise men and the local well meaning Shepherds, not to mention all the carpenter tools he carried with him for you never knew when he might have need of those. Lastly he placed on the top of the little donkey near its head head the Baby Jesus who lay in a small wicker basket wrapped in a freshly made little woollen blanket, another gift from one of the local shepherd. 
Pretty soon they were off - much to the Donkeys dismay who would have rather have stayed behind and started to silently grumble about late night excursions and lack of consideration for suitable food for an animal such as his and why couldn’t they have taken the experienced Ox who surely could pull a bigger load more steadily.  All along the journey out of town the little donkey wanted to grumble - but what was the point no one would - or could listen to him, when out of the wicker basket came a tiny hand and began to scratch him behind the ear - right on the spot where usually the flea would reside. He stopped dead in his tracks and was amazed - had little Jesus understood him after all? He began to say a silent thank you in donkey language for the scratch, for it removed a long aching itch, and it sounded very much like a Iahhh Iahhhh, when he realised this were his actual words.  Amazed he tried again and realised that he could now talk.  Such was his happiness of having found his voice, that he began to tell everyone and anything he met along the way, how his voice had miraculous been recovered, this of course very much to Joseph's annoyance.  There went his plan to leave town quietly.
The Kings soldiers somehow got wind of the plan that the new born baby king might be spirited out of Bethlehem and anyone travelling away from the town of Bethlehem were asked questions - especially if you had with you a mother with a new born boy and especially if you came from Bethlehem and doubly especially if you travelled on a beast that simply could not speak.  For they have heard about the mute donkey in the stable.

A family of two with a very loud, annoying, and constantly baying donkey did not seem to be on their most wanted list. Thus, so the story goes, Joseph and Mary escaped all the way into Egypt - thanks to the mute little Donkey who miraculously found his voice.

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Poor Donkey!

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Not so poor - it turned out ok for him after all. He found his voice :)

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