Saturday, October 26, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast owner goes Scouting for new

Saturday, October 26, 2013
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The bed was not as comfy as first thought.  WE have a new Bed and home and a super hard mattress (as my back needs a firm grip - hmm support).
Breakfast as a strange affair. The place we booked had three beds in it - a double for me and mamabear and a single (in same room) for Junior.  It had three plates / bowls / saucers / cups / knifes-fork-spoons.  One Jug for boiling water and one 2slice toaster.
It did   n o t   however have any kitchen sink or any  other kitchen things you may need.  Clearly they were hoping that we order some fatty bacon something rather from the owners hotel next door.  So  visualize myself balancing a laptop / one hot cuppa tea and three slices of nuttella on my knees in bed.  Not even a chair to sit in!!
Breakfast done and the usual bodily cleanliness done - it was time to head of into blue yonder.  Met Mamabear's sister and dropped off the birthday prezzies - then kidnapped her - ooops offered a ride for her to pick up the important 50th cake and delivered both to the local party venue - the Golf club!! Noticed - but forgot to ask why the flags there flew half-mast?? Surly not in sympathy for the member who turned half a century old?!?!?! Hmmm must ask him about that.
From there we headed into separate directions.  Somewhere in between we had lunch in a local cafe too.
So old foggy here and his lovely female 'shaken' companion headed out to the Albatross colony. (this is were the scouting bit comes into play).
We wanted to see for ourselves these magnificent flying birds AND find out the costs / tours etc for when a certain cousin etc are visiting our shores later in the season! Anyhow - long drive out and just missed on the hourly tour - so had - yes - yet another afternoon meal!  hmm at this rate the anticipated weight-loss is off the plan for now!  4pm came and and so did the tour guide.
This bear - has new digi camera and used sport setting to full advantage - capturing the big bird in full flight!! Thank goodness for that.
60 images and 1 minute later . . . .

Part of the tour also encompasses a trip to an old underground bunker  and there we saw them - urm - doing what mother nature needs or wants them to do (which when we told Micky about he pulled yet another face - poor guy got a bit teased here).  At least these two birds had no idea that they were being watched - from less then 5 meters away!! 

Eventually it was time to head back towards Dunders and we saw in the distant horizon the building of a very dark and forbidding cloud - so wondered what would await us.  Well, mother nature has a habit of tossing up surprises and this was no less spectacular and very bright! So naturally had to stop and snap a picture.

Sadly did not find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, rather a decent shower followed this event!

Back to the Motel and collected the boy (who seemed to have a good time exploring the shops in Dunders and also bought himself a new pool-cue!
Before the party was due to start we needed a bite to eat - so on advise and recommendation from the locals decided to go Italian - Ettrusco.
Arrived and the first question was - "Do you have a booking?"  Urm - no sorry
Luckily for us they had ONE table left - so got seated right next to the Door - to not only enjoy a scrumptious truly authentic Italian meal - but also hear of dozens others been turned away ( 'cause they were full) and see enough young wannabe Bond-maidens trying to be seated.  One group of 4 did get in and they looked around 20-ish - so naturally one certain young bear got suddenly keen.  hihihi - they would have chewed him through, and then spat him out!!  One thing did become clear - we are indeed old fuddyduddies.  One of the possible future Bond girls decided she needed to  'do up'   her hair. However these modern gals - just whip out their $1000 phone and plug in a live video-cam application that reflects their image and lets them comb / powder / groom any facial part to whatever satisfactory state or however long the battery lasts - NO mirror no longer needed!!  I feel old now . . .  very old

Having been educated in the latest Bond toys - it was time to head of to the actual party.  Arrived dressed up up to much laughter and hilarity. Had asked previously if there were any 'free" Bond- girls attending and sadly (or luckily for some)  no - most of them were already spoken for (and also very much older then in their prime filming days).  The closest we got to was a couple or so Cougar-mum's and well - I'm no longer young enough for that line of work ^^ and funnily enough junior was not keen on that scenario either. 
Somehow we ended up back at the motel at a reasonable hour and crashed into the soft bed (having completed one of the undercover missions set by M!!)

n8 n8

Oh yeah - and despite the TV live streaming the event (which if I am watching - we would loose) our rugby Team did win the ITM cup for a record 6th consecutive time!! Way to go Canterbury

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