Friday, September 6, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast owner is contemplating a change in career

Friday, September 6, 2013
oldbearnews editor
It had to happen sooner or later.

Just as we had settled into our routine of offering - well - hospitality - that included such a varied cuisine (from memory Huhu grubs were mentioned) and certainly a most comfortable bed (although I am told a certain 50 year old FEMALE bear is refusing to make breakfast in bed - sighs), it hit me there is more to be gained by being actually a paid - hmm or unpaid TOUR guide. What a better way then to see the country by carting some folks around and highlight the many nice places we have got to show for?!?!?!?!  I would need to buy a mini van or bus - or should that be a rugged beat-up four-wheel-drive that can at a pinch double as a boat for river crossings??

However - the hard part (and it is a really hard part) - is determining what to see in what time and the less time you have the more you miss out on.  It is conceivable of visiting New Zealand for 4 months - or more, and you barely scratch the surface. And that's just for the South Island.  There are just to many beautiful places to go and see.  Then that’s not taking into account the hands on experience. There is a knife-making place in Barrytown - that takes care of one full day.  Bone / Jade - (or commonly referred to as)  Greenstone carving in Hokitika can set you back another full day.  Adventure sports will all take their time (wait until you hear about gliding in Oamaru).  Go north and end up in Karamea and you will have already done a full days travel just to get there and yet there are numerous walks - including the 5 day Heaphy Track - or Abel Tasman Track- or go South - and do a 5 day Milford Sound Track - or the Routebourne Track or - or - oh yeah and that one too. 
Oh dear - I am already exhausted just thinking about it.

There is of course a "Tourist-highway" with many must see items in a logical manner - but I am not sure that A; folks coming here to stay with us have the time and B; want to do what every other overseas person sees and does. hmmmm

Guess we will have to ask later and find out and go and plan from there.

What would you do?? Where would you go and spend a night or two or three??
Is there any particular sight that is way more important then any other?
My Mum LOVED the Moeraki Boulders and Pancake Rocks - and yet I know someone who barely glanced at them - but then sat in front of a round about (near Kumara - where the train tracks run through the middle of the round-about) for a full 15 minutes and did some mental calculations.. . .
I have no difficulty persuading mamabear to stay a few nights in Tekapo - let alone go to the Coromandel (North Island)

On second thoughts - I better stay as a bed and breakfast owner- ( well, for now :)  )  - at this stage it seems easier - just gotta hang the washing up and do the ironing and fix that pesky little drip in the far end of the house . . .

Have fun

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