Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast in Kiwiland - Martina and Ileana visit New Zealand and go on a Tikitour during our Autumn Season and visit

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
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It was time to show our guest some more of our wonderful scenery - so we headed north along the coast.  First stop - Waipara - which has grown into a fairly decent wine growing region and also Olive oils.
Naturally - we had to stop and sample some local products - which passed muster.  Mamabear enjoying a very fruity slightly lemon taste Riesling.  From there we drove up towards Cheviot - a small rural community where a scrumptious lunch was had. 

We then had to work of the extra pounds / kilos and explored the School jungle gym.  The old bear himself swinging from the fort - and taking lots of pictures.
Sadly - I must go and check out the (either) operator or the gear -  with the 300mm lens still not focusing as it should.  There are other red leaved trees that were just a blur.  On the upside - hmmmm  wait there was an upside???  - oh yeah - if it is the lens I may get a new one . . . .

 Eventually made it to Kaikoura and did part oft he Peninsular walk way were we also found some sea lions basking in the  little sun we had.  The lazy sods did not move much - except for one wannabe movie star who posed. He thinks his left profile is the better side - but shhhh - we won't tell.
 Checked into the Motel and went in search of famous Kaikoura Kai = Food (usually SEAfood).  Found one place that ended up selling raw fresh fish only, but friendly chap he was pointed us to another shop that did superb fish and chops - which ended up being right across the Motel we stayed in.

The Kai was consumed along with a suitable helping of local crushed grapes (which rated a 5 star meal).  Martina making sure that no drop was wasted. 
 We had Blue Cod / Crabsticks / Some Mussles / Elephant fish / Tarakihi, with Mamabear making a mess out of a kiwiburger who had everything a burger should have . . . . . .

Next day we went for the obligatory stroll on the Beach and the newly fledged mermaid was showing the older experienced mermaid how to dip toes in the cold water.  I am told it was refreshing - and will take there word for it.  Needless to say - one wave was bigger then the rest and got their - urm - scales wet!!

New Zealand has its own traffic jam's.  Yes folks, they do happen.  In this case thou a rare sight -with the live stock being moo-ved on the road.  Often it is the flocked variety holding up traffic.  Guess who will wash the car later!!

We tried to encourage our mermaid to take flight and engage in a quintessential Kiwi past time - Bungy-jumping. We even had a bungy cord in the car!!  This little spot near Hanmer would have been perfect - especially as a dip down into the river was part of the deal.  For reasons Best left unsaid - this opp was never taken up - but we are working on it.

On the way home we had to stop at Frog Rock - one of the many natural wonders and tourist stops.  Even the train stops there so that folks can take the pictures.  This particular Frog is still waiting for his Prince Charming - or is it princess??  Our princess was not in a kissing mood and so we left the poor chap to contemplate his future in peace and quiet!!

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