Saturday, January 19, 2013

Austrian Bed and Breakfast in Kiwiland .

Saturday, January 19, 2013
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From the Facebook account:

January 1

The rate things are going (with folks saying "we are coming to NZ" ) we are considering opening a Bed and Breakfast . . . :)

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        Bryan Lewis:  I'll have the floor for joti, beds now sound too expensive.
        ME:     lol - u planning on sleep DURING Joti down here???
        Bryan Lewis:   Well before?
        ME:    okies - there is space in the garage - right next to 50 computers!
        Bryan Lewis:   Does a taxi come provided if i bring, coffee, chocolate and
                   ho *coughs* ney?
        ME:    Nutella will guarantee a pick up
        ME:    I goes into garage and dusts of the old Tuk tuk . . . . ^^
        ME:    Anyone coming in from "oi oi oi" country A N D bringing a 5kg jar of
                   Nutella is automatically upgraded to a 4 wheel motorised version of
                   a car!! 

January 12

The bed and breakfast idea seems to be working - already entertaining 2 young people from Austria . . . . Will need to add tour-guide to the job description!!

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        Wilfried Mayr      :) :) :) :)
        Katherine Reed   I'll stay :)

January 19

Turns out that the Bed and Breakfast idea is now really taking off! I got my cousin coming in April. This time I will see her more than the 1.5 hour I have seen her so far in my entire life.

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