Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Forgotten World Highway trip 26 June 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
oldbearnews editor Woke at 7 am and had leisurely breakfast.  Paid and went first to the Winter gardens with Virgina lake.  Lots of glass house flowers – even saw our Brazilian cactus in flower – lovely! Outside in some trees lots of Tui’s (one of New Zealands rare and special birds) – lots of singing – and great to hear them back in the town and serenading!!  Stopped at the local Museum for a nosey tour – very informative! Then the sun sort of came out – so we did drive back to the Tower we'd been to yesterday and got blown - or should that be washed away– and parked the car at the top and slogged all 175 steps to the top.  Still VERY windy! But had good views of city / beach / river etc.  Then saw the next cloud rolling in so decided to get petrol and head north.  While getting petrol there are these three super sized pencils in the ground so took a quick pic – then petrol.  Asked the local attendant who knew little about it – but amazingly the guy next to us tanking up knew – he also happened to be a sales rep on a sales trip!!  Seems a local maori artist used same pencils for all his life and this was his “thank you’ art creation.  He won a price and some German HB pencil sales team saw it also!! The guy then decided having seen us taking a pic we were worth it for some freebees.  Then on to the high way.
Very windy and still showery – level of moisture depending on what cloud overhead.  From gentle drizzle to full downpoor.  Roads still hilly – but getting flatter the nearer you get to Palmy!

Stopped at Bulls for Lunch – town itself has a humor!! It is named after a change of deed for one of the locals who had done much for the town.  Mr Bull has owned a sawmill and was a renowned woodworker!!  Bought a expensive badge – but worth it.  The word “bull” features liberally.  Lunch at the ‘mothered goose’ with garlic bread and some nice mushroom dish for yours truly!! Had a senior moment when I went to the local loo – doors labelled Goose and Gander and I found out what the ladies amenties look like!! They have LARGE mirrors!! One wonders why!?!?  ?

Anyhow after the filling lunch we went for a stroll round town and saw some good shops.  Dropped into a history display store (sort of) and chatted with the local lady!  Took a pic of the original Bull structure that put the town on the map and then looked at the clouds and decided to head back to car before we got a 3rd rinse cycle!! From there pretty much straight into Palmy where we found the Local I-site and asked some questions.  Strolled once around the “Square” checked out the outdoor ice skating place and bought a couple of badges and then got a surprise hail-storm.  Had 4 season in less then one hour!!  Tanked up car on way back to the Airport and took a quick pic of the windmills at the ranges , then checked in the car and now just waiting for the plane – which has been just announced to be late by 19 minutes!!  Looking at the clouds and the speed they travel this could yet again be a bumpy flight!!   Another short holiday trip concluded and more to look forward to!  There is a trip up the Wanganui river waiting !

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