Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day trip to Akaroa New Zealand

Tuesday, December 27, 2011
oldbearnews editor
We decided to take a day "off" and go over to Akaroa!  It has been years - decades even since Mamabear has been over there.  The weather was sunny and nice with an semi warm wind gently blowing across the harbor.  We basically just sat and relaxed in the sun.

Here is one of the guns on display at the foreshore. Kids have great fun crawling over and under it.  A little while later a Mr Whippy came and parked next to it - and after about 10 minutes you got sick of his "calling" tune - being repeated ad nausea. 
Amazingly - we had forgotten that there are pockets of Pohutukawa dotted around Akaroa.  The micro climate is just right for them this far south!  In summer it is generally always sunny and warm, and of course they grow best on the sea shore.  Akaroa was originally settled by the French - only to miss out on claiming NZ as a colony by the English who had managed to plant a flag someplace else a few months earlier.

The light house in Akaroa - originally at the head of the harbour entrance.  No idea why they shifted it here - but is still works!
Hmmm  yes - well - I could not resist taking more pics of New Zeland's Christmas tree - our Pohutukawa!!  It was in full bloom and a sight to behold.  Made me wish I was on holiday for a month or 3 or 6 -- in the Coromandel!
Ditto - what more is there to say
The picnic spot where we used to have our lunches.  We also have some pics (hard copy only) of our boys climbing in and out and up the tree when they were a lot younger.  Now - sadly roped of as the sea wall next to the tree has been damaged and it is not safe to be near the tree.  It could fall into the sand below any time . . .    bugger our earthquakes.
The Akaroa Pier - staging post for several enterprises -swimming with the Dolphins and the harbour cruise among them.  There is also a blue pearl shop and some other little stuff - and from memory the fishing boats sometimes load their catch too.  Akaroa Cod is a beautiful fish to eat - in fact I make it a point of having fish and chips while over there, as the fish cooked is so fresh over there.  yumm
Taken from a ex-changing shed now converted into a Cafe.  It has atmosphere and what better place to sit and sip on a cold blonde one - or if you fancy a medicinal red and see the sparkling water and feel the sun . . . .
and relax. . . . .

perfic day to finish with!!

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