Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas in New Zealand

Monday, December 26, 2011
oldbearnews editor
It happens every year. The world engages in a very festive annual birthday party! Everyone goes nuts and is stressed for time and giving presents. Max meanwhile is a happy beagle - he always gets a very large beef shin bone and it takes him about three weeks to completely demolish it. In-between he buries it - for safe keeping.

Mamabear was determined to have these 4 Santa Clauses finished by the time Christmas came round.  She made it with 5 hours to spare. In the interest of  child friendly images we used Coka-cola and a fruit juice bottles.  Normally we would have used a medicinal red - or even a white Gewurztraminer (mamabear's favorite tipple atm).  We would also most likely have finished all four by the time the holidays have finished.
I am ready!  Will Santa sit on my knee??  Will he bring me a decent pressy??  I KNOW I was a good girl all year long and will be on the nice list.  See I can laugh and make nice . . . . .

Please - SANTA - Honest - I was a G O O D girl . . . .
After a exhausting days - oops night of work - here Santa Claus can be seen to be ready to hit the beach and sand. He is wearing a Pohutukawa shirt and some Shorts and jandals and plenty of sunscreen.  Now for a 11 month long siesta on the beach and chill out time, wish I could join him!!
Time to go and have a nana-nap on the sand!!  tudeloo

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