Saturday, November 13, 2010

Alternative Christmas songs

Saturday, November 13, 2010
I went shopping today and spent far to much on new kitchen gadgets.  Had lunch in the mall to calm the nerves and contemplate the empty wallet when I browsed the music store and found these Christmas CD's - on a real knock down bargain prize.
They were cheap because there was no song list / cover or anything other then the CD itself - so for many of the disks you had no idea what was on them.
Picked up one Christmas CD titled "A very Special Christmas CD 3" and took it home - and yeah - it is different.
Found this song - which is quite cool - had to youtube it to show here!

Hmm must print of a play list later and perhaps publish it here - ok that can wait till Christmas holidays!!

"Mary J Blige Christmas In the City Live"

Nov 20 2010
Found out that every time this cd is sold funds are going back to support the disabled Olympic movement and they have published a total of 6 CD's so far throughout the years.  I have run out of cash - but you can still buy them via amazon . . . . . . .

Now for some truly alternative christmas songs one should hear "Coldcut's Christmas break" by Coldcut.

Then there is a funny interesting version of "8 days of Christmas" sung by Destiny's child; - a play on the '12 days of christmas' song

If you fancy a real juicy upbeat song - try Harry Connick, jr - "The happy elf" (I must try and get this via I-tunes)
For some laughs try Bill Engvall's version of "Here's your sign, Christmas". It is very funny.
Of course you may know that Ray Stevens also has several humorous songs, which are well worth listening too.

Three other songs spring also to mind - "A Christmas love" by Johnny Kay, "Christmas my arse" via Ricky Tomlinson, "Christmas round at ours" via Girls aloud and finally a very well done "Christmas shopping" by Buck Owens - a song that uses the same tune as "rocking around the Christmas tree" (so well sung by Brenda Lee) with shopping as the main focus!!

hmmmm for the more juveniles amongst us - there is a funny youtube clip on "farting Santa's" - but I let you find that for yourself!! Enjoy

There are a number of other songs around, whose only association with Christmas is the fact that the very word gets mentioned only once or it is used as a backdrop to the lyrics / meaning of the song.
"Don't shoot me Santa" by the Killers spring to mind.

this is a great and very clever song!! Love it - the Monsters Holiday (Christmas) by Bobby Boris - excellent stuff - Bet you they wont play this very often on the radio . . . . .

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