Sunday, September 5, 2010

7.1 earthquake in christchurch nz

Sunday, September 5, 2010
oldbearnews editor yawns - this was one of the most disturbed nights in decades
We continue to have aftershock's  and the website lists the "small one's " at 3.2 - enough to be felt and since the big one we had, that would be total 47 and counting.  Some are big enough to move and toss ornaments of the shelves again.

To be honest I think everyone had enough.

MONDAY 6th September 1pm and we had 86 strong after tremors!! The rate we are going we get a ton by the time its time to take the scouts to their first aid course, which is rather timely and appropriate.

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AskewDread said...

its worrying when Civil Defence are saying teh biggest quake hasnt struck in this thing yet... stay safe

oldbear's trip said...

Indeed its a worry!

Need to get a gas bottle and a cooker and then we should be ok-ish!
Water and sewage would be the biggest concern. I am rather hoping it wont strike for another 30 years! I be 80 by then and probably won't care to much - I F I am still alive then!!

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