Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why it is hard to believe that the economy is in recession

Tuesday, August 3, 2010
oldbearnews editorI know - some of you will be total doomsdays folks and good on you. Here down under the economy hasn't been in a to bad a shape as some people tried to paint it, and I'd like to be more positive about our economy and it's recession.

My personal and totally non-scientific observation is based on discretionary spending and as usual takeout food tends to be one of the first things to suffer when things go pear-shaped.

Consider this - hang around in a shopping mall food-court and sit and observe folks -- say for two hours.  Recently I did that and saw one bloke coming with a full plate of Chinese something rather, take two nibbles and then he left.  His is an extreme sample - however there are way to many folks who buy food and then eat less then half of whats on the plate. They can't be hungry, and I am sure they can't all be fussy eaters!!  Now for someone who endured hardship as a kid - I don't like to see any food going to waste. Once you went for weeks being able to eat only potatoes - if that - you certainly appreciate the fuller menu on offer later in your life.
So by observing people and their behavior in the food courts -- I have noticed that there is an awful lot of wasted food going out in the rubbish.  Worst part is - its going to the dump, not even being recycled for some pigs like some places in Europe used to do.  Ergo - if you are so hard up in this declining economy I am certain you would want to eat what you paid for - otherwise it is a waste of your hard earned cash. Unless of course you are not so hard up.

Anyhow - this is a total lay-bears observation.

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