Friday, August 27, 2010

A coffin fit for a . . . . . . .

Friday, August 27, 2010

oldbearnews editor
the gang of 8 = spot the baby . . .
Well 'li'l ol Smilie - you asked why I needed the date - see image besides. . . .
The images will be printed and cut and glued on the inside of the lid.  I am sure you can figure out the rest.

As far as the inscription is concerned we agreed for that to be urm - yeah I can spill the beans - after all its in code and you will have trouble de-ciphering this - it reads (or will read once I got it engraved)  'AITSSS' 

Further we decided to have 8 little stumpy glasses and we will have them sandblasted - each a very unique glass!!
And so the race is on . . . in a manner speaking. . .

(eeeek just realized this is not the up-to-date image - haven't corrected smilies date - mwahaaaaaa - begs for forgiveness . . . . )

urm - txt england -- ok the pre dial nr is . . . . . 4 somethin
You would not belief it - it is a really nice coffin and yes = we got several very strange looks by some people in the pub (but hey what else is new??? - after all you are looking at the blokes who still own a fairy outfit!!!)
Yet it is a very awkward box to carry.  Can't wait for the rustic handles to be mounted - then 2 of us can carry it properly next time!!!

getting there . . . . .   is half the fun
There is a nice color.  As you can see, we opted for NOT a creamy or pearly white lining- simply for the reason that we could never be innocent or pure - well - perhaps pure in our mischievous intents!! but innocent - cmon, really

Only question remains is ---- how do we spring Smilie from her majesties hospitality and get her to join us in our ventures????  Maybe I need to get some tips from Danny Ocean . . . .

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Sir G. H. said...

Was that an 'urm' or an 'urn'?

I am getting concerned now!

Anonymous said...

concerned - about an urn???? why????
i is confused

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