Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Italien Job

Saturday, May 22, 2010
oldbearnews editorHmmmm - You know how it is - your part of THE family, you meet some one, you greet someone - and you do a little business, sly on the side, make friends ^^

Urm - enough of the sordid details -
today - the very secret hush hush group has gone out on a very secret location to hatch a new plan that involves a large bottle of urm Kiwi Vodka - no less then 8 glasses, a coffin, a jar for collecting dough, and urm - yeah other stuff. Suffice to say - a very enjoyable meal was somewhat interrupted by a lively discussion on who to fine how by much.
Lets see if I can cut through the fog and list the events . . .

Brush - gold coin for not wearing the appropriate garment, plus for not informing the Broom of his expected presence to give an account of himself, ergo - 2 gold coins. (actually - although one could make the case that the failure to inform the Broom is asking for a bigger fine . . . )

Broom and Sir G.H. - gold coin each for not turning up

uhu - Mr Schick - urm - to much to list - suffice to say he owes 6 little gold coins already - and the way Mr Schick is having close shaves - it could be heaps more . . . . ^^

Ladle / Trowel & Stitch - urm - for keeping your noses clean and staying out of trouble - urm - yeah - you know ^^ your contribution will be appreciated

The topic of discussion was the repatriation of a certain spy in a certain country and what to do with the booty - urm bounty - urm - kiwi liqueur - urm - wait - ohhhh thats secret - doh

Lil ol Smilie - we miss you

Have fun :D

Wasn't me


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