Friday, December 25, 2009

Sandy Claws

Friday, December 25, 2009
Christmas Santa Claus Bear

Sandy Claus
The cat even got a present on Christmas day!! This is a real cutee and no doubt will have a place of honour - somewhere!

The Muppets
Funny both boys don't like their pic's taken - so when Auntie comes to town they are outnumbered!!

Chimney for Santa
Oh yes; the red suited fella did come down the chimney - amazingly - I know :P

Beagle on the Beach
We often go to the beach on Christmas day - and take Max - our Beagle who for some strange reason just hates water, right from a puppy age onwards. Still it was a good walk :D

What is amazing is that he actually let his hair be brushed!! It must have been the "I want to be in Santa's good list" attitude that did it. Or was it the Beer???

bear print

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