Monday, November 30, 2009

Scouts camping on a wet and rainy weekend

Monday, November 30, 2009
Santa Claus BearWell - s'pose I should be thankful for some small mercies - like a waterproof tent. We took some scouts out camping and the weekend started fine but then it became a wet and rainy weekend. - (I unpacked my suitcase and found gear I had taken there, but not worn, quite DAMP - so yeah). Just as well that I took James and not Brodie (who has a reputation for going camping only in gumboots!!!)
Anyhow the youth came together from our Scout Zone and about 100 youth bunked down for the weekend. They had a ball. From our Group only 4 where brave enough to face the two madcap leaders and a camping experience away. I have to say - well done guys -you survived with flying colors. Seeing that what happens on camp stays on camp - I can't tell you some of the most funny stories / jokes we had - suffice to say - competition giggles has - more to work on her humor she needs.
Pics below - enjoy

setting up campLashing together the basic frame for the platformSo after we set up the campsite, we build the first part of the framework for the afternoon wide game - some water battle that needed a observation tower - a derrick for more supplies, a flag pole and urm stores. The platform also doubled as a local prison and while water-boarding was no longer an option some "prisoners" did get a free shower. - urm we also placed ONE sticky plaster in the middle of the floor and told scouts that if they fall down they have to aim for the sticky plaster - if they miss - they dont get to use that for whatever damage they would have done to themselves!! Suffice to say - they all decided to give that part a miss.

Scouts on top of the platformnever mind the carsLOL - never mind the cars - the scouts did a good job themselves running round at speed!!

Enjoying Papabear's special soup for lunchWay better then a McDonalds BurgerAfter a half day of running round in cold and drizzly weather - my cooked lunch was described as "Da Bomb" and "Papabears Super special" I have to admit - it was rather tasy and went down well. Nothing left over here!! Maybe - just maybe here is a new burger waiting for McDonalds to be "discovered"?? I am sure it would be a great hit!!

Scout washing the dishesMothers take NOTE - They DO KNOW how to wash up - so its up to you to utilize their newly acquired skill at home!!

CampfireThe day finished with a camp fire and sing songs and stories and jokes - a good time to show of your camp blanket and all your badges and dear I say it - some warmth!!

Sadly Campfires are a endangerd species in Canterbury - with almost year round fire bans in force, the youth today no longer get to learn the skill in how to light fires / cook safely on fires and just basic fire safety eticette. Shame really because it is becoming a lost art very soon . . . .

The next day saw all the scouts competing in some games - we had a very intense wheelbarrow race (where listen and following instructions came at a premium) to the old gum boot toss/ tow a tractor / set up a electric fence (hehehe sadly no juice running through the fence - shame )/ to see how many hits it takes to pound in a 4 inch nail and how long it takes to cut a piece of a 2x4 / to tossing over a high rope a decent hay bale!

Camp has finished with a traditional Scouts own and flag down.

Scouts ownFlag break

Time to pack up and head back home - and a WARM shower and my very own comfy bed!
Oh and I got to watch the last 40 min of rugby before I crashed in bed- seems the All Blacks have re-discovered a way of winning - playing a decently game - so all in all a great weekend.


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