Sunday, September 20, 2009

A good weekend all-round

Sunday, September 20, 2009
micky and his friendsoldbear typingYes it has been a good weekend all round. Friday night we had a scout meeting out at a farm. Build a large-ish campfire and got the scouts to cook their dinner in a golden syrup tin. Amazingly it tasted good and no one got burned - not even the dinner!!

Frog Rock Then on Saturday Mamabear and oneself took a certain teenager and two of his friends up to Hanmer and had a lovely lunch and then some time in the hot pool. The teenagers burned of their energy in the cooler pools while the two oldies sat and soaked in the sun!
L O V E L Y - just lovely, I tell you.

All to soon it was time to go back home - via short dinner stop in Amberly and then in the evening the AB's finally played the game like we know they can and caned the Australians 36-6!! Wohooo. (ps - last weeks loss to South Africa was the 100th loss in Test Rugby for the All Blacks - so it is / was poetic justice that it had to happen against the arch rivals from South Africans!!!!)

Spring time in Christchurch gardens - Cherry tree and tulipsThis morning after a lazy breakfast - I took Mamabear into town and we took some more photos of the lovely spring time flowers. I eventually got the perfect shot of flowers and cherry tree that I had been hunting for the last 10 days or so. This was followed by a stroll through the gardens to find another location of a certain spot! Eventually found that and took a GPS reading for Autumn. Then home via groceries and lunch.

Will have to help Mamabear in the kitchen soon - yeah dishes - the house slaves were on strike last night - and then will watch a bit of sport on tv - so yeah all in all a good weekend all round!!

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