Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fathersday gift for a furry old bear

Saturday, September 5, 2009
teddy bear on lap toppWell - it knocked me for six - my boys have decided to cook a meal for me - and I could choose what I wanted to eat. Yah - for once they have a decent fathers day gift for this old furry bear! Much better then the pair of socks! Anyhow - seems some things have rubbed of on my children - like the idea that for your birthday you can pick and choose "your" favorite meal!! So I hear you ask - what did this furry little old thing choose???

I chose Siebenburgen kraut and for dessert some Tiramisu.
www.Siebenburgen-kraut - pic

Should be yummy - so I got Jonno in the kitchen and with the help of Mamabear hes making the Siebenburgen Kraut and Micky made the Tiramisu last night.

Just need to find that bottle of red from Nelson and were in business of some serious eating and celebrating. Wohoooo

Hmmmm - must remember to take Max for a looooooong walk 2morow - and work of the extra kilos . . . . .

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