Sunday, August 2, 2009

Camping teddy bear

Sunday, August 2, 2009
teddy bear fruit
lol - I cleaned up and shifted some stuff round today and ended up sneezing for hours. Anyhow I found this little snippet about scouts taking their teddy bear with them on camp. We always had them as a rule when going camping- but really never enforced them - much.

Teddy bears

These furry little things are welcome to come on camp.
They will have to obey the teddy rules. These are . . . .
  • NO growling in the dark
  • NO eating other people's sweets
  • NO keeping people awake
  • NO leaving the tent after breakfast
  • Teddies must be prepared to guard their owners
  • All the Pack Leaders MUST be introduced to them
  • NO girl teddies (unless they sleep in a separate tent)
  • NO wandering off
  • NO singing in the shower
  • All teddies must pay attention at all times
While not claiming that these rules would suit every scout troop / cub pack it is clear that it has helped guard against homesickness - even if it means getting run over by a horde of teddy bears while on camp.

Teddy bears seem to be a feature of the Scout movement, which has been under-estimated. About time them some of them get recognized and have their owns scarf.

wait - Brodie already got his ^^ :o)

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