Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Annual Westcoast trip

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Well every year in the first weekend in June NZ celebrates her Majesties fake birthday - and in honour of our Lizzie - NZ has a long weekend! Yihaaa. (Dunno what will happen if Chuck ever gets to sit on the throne?!?!?!) - Anyhow every first Monday in June we have a public holiday.
For the last few years I have taken a small group of scouts on a long weekend over to our fabled Westcoast. It's an annual trip and we usually leave in darkness and arrive shortly before midnight - then do 2 full days of crazy and wild and wacky activities (see some of the links above) like make a knife from rusty steel or carve Greenstone, or . . . . . .
This year we will go to Reefton to discover something about Gold and the first southern hemisphere town in the world to have electricity. Naturally that is just an excuse for somefishing teddy beare scout leaders to dash away for a weekend of fun and fact finding.

I am told that the trout fishing over there is fabulous - so u can see Sir G.H and his trusty side kick Brush doing some practice already!! Dunno if I trust them to bring back a fish for dinner though. I might yet order pizza to be delivered - just in case!! Should be a great weekend away - and yes - Sir G.H. will have his lappy with him so we can update you on who fell into the river first :P

Cant understand why Giggles and Freckels (2 Venturers) are starting a bidding war in order to secure a place for the trip. So far I got - all meals served in bed to doing all my washing up and being a first aid driver. Hmmmm this has got possibilities . . . . . .

Will endeavor to post from Reefton later.
Freckles - NO - knee-capping your younger bro - so he's to sick for the trip - does NOT count and is just not ladylike u at all!!!!
Good thinking though . . . . :')

check this out --------> Reefton

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