Sunday, March 15, 2009

Larry the sacrificial Lamb

Sunday, March 15, 2009
Seems some of our scouts are mad keen on the great outdoors and cooking, so every three years or so we invite some special senior scouts to come and cook a roast lamb. Previously this involved cooking a de-boned and heavily flavored leg of lamb in an earth oven (with as little as possible veggies), and then after wards bivving over for the night with no compulsion or expectation to get any sleep. The time of the -urm - meal was always late at night - and could be best described as a midnight snack/feast! This year we pushed the envelope one step further and started with a real life beast.

You think he knew what was coming??? The scout who donated the lamb said - "sorry we're late - we spent 15 min chasing him across the paddock."

The scouts kinda knew in what order to do the business. First of all use long forgotten techniques of figure 8 lashings and erect a tripod. Then dig a grave - oops offal pit large enough for the- u know - innards. Rumor has it they wanted me to test it for size and while laying in . . . . .
Cheeky scouts!

The lamb had been rendered unconscious with a quick bullet and had to be dragged across to the freshly dug earth. Naturally that meant that the young lads worked hard to drag 18 kilo of prime rawhide beef - oops I am getting carried away - back to the narrative - urm - to the dressing spot.
Here as you can see, the beast has made it to his special place. On all previous occasions we had invited our former Cub leader who is a butcher by trade to show the youth how to do the business. Sadly said butcher never made it to the dinner table - a oversight which we will have to rectify.

Well - this does not really need much description. Obviously our friendly butcher is coaxing Larry out of his dressing gown.

Lol - I could tell you it has been ages since he had a bath or even a dip in any sort of water - and as you can see these scouts agreed with this statement. Or was it the un-usually strong odor from other - urm - body parts???

It is good to see that getting your hands dirty on a scout activity is at times still a happening thing. However it has to be said even for a sheep - regular dental floss is a must, and Scouts if you don't - you will end up having just as dirty front clappers as Larry. Gosh where did I leave my toothpaste?

Next on the list of things to do, was to ensure that we had plenty of timber to keep feeding the fire. Thanks to Sir G.H. we had plenty of wood to choose from and it just needed adjusting in size. A task that this lad can seen to be doing with gusto and swing!!
Seem to remember the odd stoppage from a cellphone txt interrupting the natural swing.

The other job was to set up the bivvie's. Here you can see mine - purpose build 5 star luxury accommodation. *I Grins*
Of course myself and the other scout leader were accused of - urm - well cant print that - but we figured this comes under the "a scout is resourceful" part of the Scout law.
A bit draughty though and we sure woke to a very heavy dew. Most things were soaking!!

That left the preparation for the fire pit - and eventually the actual roasting. Under great direction we managed to get deep enough in the former riverbed of the Waimakiriri river and set up a contraption for the roast! -

More pictures later - meanwhile - back in the real world - I have to manage a emergency!! Have fun

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