Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Running repairs by Sir G.H.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009
I was trawling through 11 gigs worth of pictures and found this one - and I remember being there.

TRUST ME - it is not what it looks like!!!

I thought of a catchy title and then another one and then one some more.

"Ancient Chinese skin torture"
"Checking out the ripeness of Swiss cheese"
"Horse-with-no-name - working on re-hoofing"
"The master and the apprentice" (who's the master??)

I am sure you can add more to that. Anyhow folks - I can assure you this is definitely NOT why we had to rename Jaymo to - wait for it - yeah -
" G i g g l e s " - she earned that distinction 2 months prior to this camp, and it stuck ever since.

I could tell you more - but as u know - what happens on camp stays on the blog - oooops - stays on camp I mean!! :S
I should add that no carrot's where harmed in this shot, and all necessary risk assessments where duly filed in the- urm - now where did we file them?????

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