Thursday, February 5, 2009

Poor Lulu Castagnette substitute

Thursday, February 5, 2009
You know, -- if they ever ever put out a Lulu Castagnette lapp top - I would buy it sight unseen in less then a heart beat.

Sadly no such product is on the market - yet!! Hopefully soon though.

In the mean time I could be tempted with this little notebook.

Check out the product demo on this link!!!!

Can you imagine me carrying this round town?????
Hehehe - or even to a scout meeting????

Anyhow - I don't think Mamabear would appreciate it - so I carry on dreaming - which, as you know, is always free!!!!

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Anonymous said...

hey darling! I am a very rich woman... your wish is my command. It will be delivered soon! xxx

Anonymous said...

gezz can i met this very rich woman lol

Baroness Vivienne Tam said...

Yeah sure u can meet me. I'm in greenland on my estate. xxx Baroness Vivienne Tam

papabear said...

Golly - I have a rich Baroness who looks after me!! How cool is that!!

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