Friday, February 27, 2009

Cool hot dude kissed the ground

Friday, February 27, 2009
Today mid-afternoon on a stinking hot summers day - I got of the plane after a 3 day journey and kissed the ground. Well not literally but yep when I left Salzburg it was a typical dull grey day and snow threatening to fall. I had a 2 hour train trip to Munich, from there another train to Frankfurt - then battling the new underground system - and not knowing in which direction to go - just dived into a carriage - and as luck would have it arrived at the Frankfurt airport. From there nonstop to Singapore and then a 6 hour layover for another plane that yes went directly to Auckland! First thing I noticed was the clean air and the short working trousers of customs officers - the palm trees and the humidity. One internal transfer later and I was on a city hop down to CHCH where I duly arrived after 2 days plus traveling - and I'm sure all hot and sweaty stinky! Seem to remember being picked up from the airport and after a quick change of clothes went for a long walk with a friend - even had a stroll at the beach!! And yes after leaving Europe with grey and dull the 20 something degrees felt definitely tropical!! Didn't help though - I still woke up at 4am and went for a one hour walk round the neighbor hood. hehehe old bakers working-hours where still very fresh in my blood.

Boy-o-boy it has been 25 years ago and I met Mamabear urm almost 10 days later - and the rest as they say is history.

I would have to say - having looked at some old pictures and my old passport photo etc - I was a real cool hot dude - handsome even. Looking at my Passport photo my son reckons I look like one of those FBI Agents - complete with glasses and trench coat!

To prove it I have included my waving good-bye to my mum photo!!
Ahhhh to be young again - fit and trim - with hair . . . . . . .

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