Sunday, January 25, 2009

Siebenburgen Kraut - another buerger??

Sunday, January 25, 2009
Well wouldn't you know it - good old Adolf has a lot to answer for.

Yesterday I googled for a rezept of Siebenburgen kraut and afterwards wrote my blog (see below) and then went for a sleep - this morning I googled it again cause I wanted to check up on something (location mainly) only to find my blog entry the top of the list out from 4470 entries.

Wohoaaaa - how weird/ cool is that.

Well to cut a long story short - seems by heritage I am Austrian/Romanian/German - in that order. Really weird, my Opa and his wife left Liebling (now in Romania) just before the war finished and walked - yes walked - the near 1000 km to Austria - thats 5 children the youngest some 1 year old!! And now - well I am living in New Zealand, my Uncle in Stockholm and pretty much the rest of the gang in Austria!
However I understand that there are long distance cousins still in Romania.
There could even be a long distance relative in Chicago! Can the Blocher clan in Austria confirm that??
Meanwhile - my dearest wife also known as mamabear - has English bloodlines, but is born in New Zealand, as are our boys. Regular UN kids here!!! Wonder who - or should that be what nationality they will marry - eventually - plenty of time yet boys!! :)
Must go and urm wash something then take Max (the beagle) to the beach, another 30 plus degree day today.

To all Blochers out there - wohoooooo, nice to meat some of you via google - small world . . . . . . .

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