Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a fruitcase - something to ponder?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Well - I just made myself a fresh fruit salad with a dash of yoghurt and some lemon juice for my lunch. Have added cut banana / plum / blueberries and some strawberries - which reminds me . . . .

While in Salzburg (regular readers will know the time frame)- in the depths of a cold winter - at some minus 10 degrees - we were able to buy a punnet of strawberries in the local supermarket - fresh from Italy - for 1 Euro - yes 1 Euro. Naturally we had to indulge ourselves and not only buy them but eat them pretty much on the spot. They were actually and surprisingly very tasty!!!!

So when we are buying Strawberries back here in good ol NZ - right at the height of the growing season - eg summer and we have to pay - urm - add 1 detract 4 ahem - 1.50 Euro's - it makes you wonder!!!!!!!
We were staggered to be able to buy them in Salzburg in wintertime at the first place - but then to be cheaper then here in Chch in summertime - wohaaaa. What is the world coming to???

Hmmmm better go and eat my lunch or the local vultures here will devour it and there are no more berries left to make another one!!

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