Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cool dip in a hot pool

Sunday, January 18, 2009
Well last day of freedom - so we decided to head about 120km north of Christchurch and have a lay-in (speak soak) in the thermal pools there. I so miss the autobahn's - the trip took just over an hour - even though we did manage stretches of the road - urm - lets just say it wasn't exactly legal.
Micky came with us - his job was a recon for a poss venturer camp up there. Surprise surprise - he didn't want to be in the pool with us. Must be something about long hair. Or was it the thought of his mum in a bikini swim suit????? - You will have to ask HIM that!!

Anyhow - the pools where lovely - about 34 degrees and not overly full - which was nice and unexpected. School holidays - usually it is jam-packed full!! We managed to relax - and picked up diff languages being spoken - German/Croatian/Italian/French and I think some Russian.

Check this website out: -----> Hot Pools

Now it's the case of dinner and maybe some emails and then bed - gah - and work on Monday!!

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