Sunday, December 14, 2008

xtra pic's

Sunday, December 14, 2008
Today a sleep in as we don't have to catch the bus till after 10 am - so here are a few xtra pics from yesterday. enjoy

The wax hand making! Pity It was only the hand! I also wonder how we gonna get this delicate piece back home in one piece?? Thoughts??

The Amsterdam Taxi's - and yes they do get used frequently!!

The newly renovated house of Anne Franks hiding place. What were they thinking?

Our sleeping quarters - cosy and comfy! Living space in Amsterdam is such a premium - that some people live permanently and legally in House boats - complete with all mod-cons.
Then many houses have a hook at the top of the roof - pointing outwards. The staircases are so narrow and steep that if you have to shift (furniture) they do it via the windows - 4th floor up!!

One of the wax museum ladies - if you can tell me who it is I be grateful - there was no label. Mamabear said I only took the pic cause of the cleavage!! - I'm not commenting on that as I couldn't poss say anything within reason of my defense.

According to the master this should be the perfect Man - or woman. As you can see the pocket rocket is far from Mrs Avg. - but you better believe that she packs a fair punch - when she wants to.

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Wilfried said...

I think it is Doutzen Kroes, a topmodel from the Netherlands.

Sunny said...

Actually, the building pictured here as "The newly renovated house of Anne Franks hiding place" is actually an extension to the museum with the shop and conference rooms. The actual building in which father Frank had a business in and the "achterhuis" -with the hiding place- behind it, is located to the left of the house on the left side of the picture.

But since that's not where the entrance is, it can be pretty confusing :)

oldbear's trip said...

hmmm its been said it could be claudia Schiffer - Model extraordinare - one thinks

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