Monday, December 1, 2008

Unbelievable Snowfall

Monday, December 1, 2008
It is just our luck - and you will never ever believe me.
The Provinces of Kaernten and Steiermark in the lower part of Austria had overnight way to much snow - sooo much so that they actually closed the schools - totally unheard of in Austria. There are power outages and road closures - sounds almost like Nz!

Here in Salzburg we had a rain storm coming through but right now we got more blue skies. With my holiday weather luck we could have snow everywhere - except where we will be!! I mean we go to the Westcoast of NZ to find the rain and have 30 degrees sun - go figure. Seem to remember to walk the Milford track (a region of NZ that has an annual rainfall in excess of 12 000ml) in 33 degree Celsius - while the rest of the country had rain!!

Today we have the onerous task of wrapping up all the pressies for the Austrian tribes. Mamabear is doing a great job!

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X_Kia_Kaha_X said...

lucky austrains !!!!!


soooo lucky!

I am rather jealous reinhold :( :P

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